Since Janta Multiple Campus (JMC) was established, almost the people of Purbanchal Developmental Region have been benefited in receiving quality education in reasonable fee. JMC, an embodiment of public property in terms of its contributions to the societies, promulgates its voice as leader in the milieu of educational as well as academic performances. Consequently, our glory of having sociability is reflected in the entire scenario of professional, academic, social and even political personalities, that JMC has produced.

Our approach is ‘quality service’ in providing systematic education through responsibility. To the wonder of rest, JMC passed its 25 years, and celebrated Silver Jubilee in 2070 B.S. In these long series of anniversaries, the effort of our Campus Management Committees, Administrators, Professors, Lecturers, Staff Members, Local Communities, Donors and Students has lifted the height of prosperity as the all-rounder. The three-storied sophisticated buildings, separate library and administrative buildings, and large and multipurpose playing area, attached to woods are the incomparable physical-material aids of JMC.

We teach better, learn well, and further we implement the learnt ideas the best. Pioneeringly, we provide education in Bachelor of Arts in different subjects, and upto Masters Level in Commerce and Education. Different professional areas have witnessed the human resource, produced and handovered by JMC. Furthermore, our advocacy of excellence admits to adopt the every threat with the underlined potentialities in the span of times. In addition, the campus also has been running + 2 levels (Humanities, Commerce, Education and Science) in the separate management system. In dealing with the circumstances ahead, our attempt to activate the whole JMC body in course of being proposed QAA to get certified in the days to come is one of the milestones.

We gloriously open our sites, milieu and heart to all the people of concern.


Prof. Dr. Gita Adhikari

Campus Chief