Janta Multiple Campus aslo been conducting a 3 years BA program
with Eglish, Journalism & Mass Communication, Social Work and
Sociology as major subjects in affiliation with TU since 2049 B.S.
Janta Multiple Campus is conducting BA (Bachelor of Arts) Program
since 2049 B.S. with English, Nepali, Population, Economics,
Sociology and Social Work as major subjects. It is a 3-year Bachelor
Program affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu-Nepal.

Its main objectives are to:

To acquaint the students with knowledge of recent development in
different fields of general and technical studies and equip them with
necessary skills which are related to their lives.
To make the students able to cope with new situations and function as
well-informed educated persons both in Nepal and abroad.
To make the standard of education higher and more qualitative, based
on innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration
To generate knowledge and skills required for the job markets –
locally, nationally and internationally.
To develop broad-based background for specialization in different

Course Structure:
The whole course comprises of 14 papers in the 3 – year Bachelor
course, each having 100 marks and divided into two major groups as